20 phobias that can ruin your life – Infographic

By Dr Sampurna Roy MD

Phobias are anxiety disorders that are characterized by an excessive, unreasonable, and persistent fear that is manifested by the presence or expectation of an object or feared situation.

According to Greek mythology Ares was the great Olympian  god of war. His son was Phobos (meaning fear). He was a frightening mythical character . The term phobia, which means “morbid fear” was derived from this mythical character.

Greek physician Hippocrates, described the first case of phobia. He noted that Nicanor ( a Macedonian officer) was afraid of the sound of flutes  played in the  night.

Hundreds of different types of phobias have been described. The name given to a particular phobia is a combination of the Greek word of the object or situation feared and the word phobia.

In this Infographic I have given examples of 20  phobias.



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