40 signs you are a “Bookworm” and Pathology Case of the Day

By Dr Sampurna Roy MD


“You cannot open a book without learning something.

You become a writer when your speech is used for something more than the ordinary needs of daily life.
1) You read everyday.

2) You don’t mind being called a “worm”.

3) You have your own small library.

4) You have a large collection of miniature books.

5) You are not materialistic and prefer to spend money on books rather than clothes or jewellery.

6) Beyond all your medical degrees, certificates and medals, this may be your final stage of higher education.

7) You have a voracious appetite for knowledge.


8) You hate watching television.

9) You always read the novels before watching the movies based on them. It is a different experience and you always like the original book than the movie.

10) You are secretly planning to delete all your social media accounts.

11) Networking makes you sick.

12) You removed the battery of your cell phone. You don’t want to be disturbed while you are reading.

13) It is holiday and best way to relax is to swing on a hammock and read a wonderful book and get lost in the dream world.

14) You don’t have any vacation plans, so you are reading.

15) You are fascinated by the characters of every novel you read. It gives you fresh ideas to write a new blog post. You have already written many posts on famous literary characters.

16) You have visited some of the best libraries in the world.

17) You never get bored in the airport or during long flights. Once you almost missed the flight as you were too busy reading a book.  Suddenly you heard your name being announced repeatedly. You were the last person to enter the plane and everyone was glaring at you.

18) Every book takes you to a different world and expands your mind.


19) You know the difference between the smell of new and old books.

20) You love the touch of the book. You cannot experience a book without touching the paper.

21) You read when you are happy or when you are sad.

22) You read to forget something or to remember something.

23) You are not in a mood to paint or play a musical instrument. Reading is the next best thing.

24) Reading relieves stress and tension.

25) You live in a quiet, beautiful part of  the city and your neighbours  respect your privacy and “me time”. It helps you to focus on the book you are reading, in a peaceful environment.

26) You read because you can’t stop reading and you are addicted to books.

27) You believe that a book is the best gift that you can give to someone.

28) Birds of a feather flock together. All your friends are book lovers. You exchange books and discuss about various characters with them. You never get time to gossip about people.

29) Some books make you laugh, some make you cry.

30) You can stay up all night to finish a book.

31) You get better sleep after reading a good book.

32) Reading made you more resilient.

32) You read when someone hurts you or when someone  gives you a compliment.

33) You read after you got a promotion or after you lost your job.

34) You read when you feel lonely or if you have a big family and need some quiet time.

35) You read when you are angry and want to cool down.

36) Reading makes your creative juices flow.

37) You are planning to buy a new bookshelf as your room is strewn with books and there is no place to keep them.

38)  You prefer being called a “Bibliophile” rather than a “Bookworm”

39) You need a digital detox and the best way to that  is to read a book.

40) You are an Indian, British, European, American, African, Australian, HUMAN so you love reading.


You had the patience to visit my blog and read the long list till the end which makes you a “Certified Bookworm”.

If you are a pathologist there is a special gift for you

 Pathology  Case of the Day – Ovarian tumour – 2 sections:






Clipart Image Courtesy: pixabay.com

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