20 signs you are a charismatic pathologist


It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious. ~Oscar Wilde

  1. Your friends and peers love and respect you.
  2. You have an excellent sense of humour.
  3. You are an innovative teacher and help your students to reach their full potential.
  4. You love the company of genuine, trustworthy friends.
  5. You keep away from chronic complainers and negative people.
  6. You don’t waste time on social media like facebook.
  7. You enjoy blogging and putting your thoughts into writing.
  8. You are tolerant and celebrate all religious festivals with equal enthusiasm and respect.
  9. You are a true global citizen who has travelled to more than 50 countries across five continents.
  10. You love your own country and  serve your nation in the best possible way.
  11.  You are a giver. You give compliments, positive feed back and  helpful tips to everyone.
  12. You enjoy reading and have a big library.
  13. You collaborate with like-minded friends for all your projects and never hesitate to take advice from your well wishers.
  14. You know the art of saying “No” gracefully.
  15.  You don’t waste your  precious time on people who don’t mean anything to you.
  16. You are not interested in petty politics.
  17. You are confident, which is the most attractive quality.
  18.  You are a good listener.
  19. You don’t enjoy unnecessary small talk.
  20.  You don’t blame others when something goes wrong and try your best to handle the situation peacefully.

    Charisma is not so much getting people to like you as getting people to like themselves when you’re around. ~Robert Brault


2 thoughts on “20 signs you are a charismatic pathologist

    1. It is good to have such wonderful friends 🙂
      True. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that. Monica, you write beautifully at a very young age. Wish everyone was like you in social media 😊


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