Tadpole shaped ducts in Syringoma -Pathology Infographic


Syringoma is a benign tumour derived from acrosyringium, the intraepidermal portion of eccrine/apocrine sweat ducts.

They are largely asymptomatic tumours and are predominantly of cosmetic significance.

Syringomas are typically localized to the eyelids of middle-aged women; however, other sites include the ventral surface of the trunk, forehead, neck, axillae, abdomen and rarely the penis, vulva, buttocks, moustache area and scalp .

A classification scheme has been proposed by Friedman and Butler  identifying 4 variants of syringoma: a localized form, a form associated with Down syndrome, a familial form and a generalized form (encompassing multiple and eruptive syringomas). Incidental Syringomas of the Scalp in a Patient with Scarring Alopecia. Case Rep Dermatol. 2015 Jul 24;7(2):171-7.





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