Educational Gif – Pathology of Goblet Cell Carcinoid of the Appendix



Goblet cell carcinoid tumors accounts for 6% of appendiceal carcinoid tumors.

Histologically, GCC has features of both epithelial and carcinoid tumors and is considered intermediate between classic appendiceal carcinoid tumors and adenocarcinomas.

Although some authors believe that this tumor is of low-grade malignancy , it has a more aggressive natural history than the classic carcinoid tumors with variable malignant potential .

At diagnosis the tumor most commonly has transmural extension with diffuse infiltration into the periappendiceal fat and perineural invasion.

Although simple appendectomy may be adequate for most patients, some patients may require a more radical procedure including right hemicolectomy, particularly if there is involvement at the base of the appendix with cecal wall inflammation, lymph node metastasis, tumor size greater than 2 cm, or high-grade tumor histology.

Dang D, DeRenne LA. Goblet Cell Carcinoid Presenting as Appendicitis 1.5 Years After a Normal CT Scan. Radiology Case Reports. 2007;2(2):69-71.







Visit: Pathology Magazine – September 2017 Issue



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