Clonorchiasis – [Pathology Poster]


Humans acquire clonorchiasis – infection by Clonorchis Sinensis (Chinese liver fluke), by eating raw or undercooked fish.

Adult worms are flat and transparent, live in the bile ducts, and pass eggs to the intestine and the faeces.

After ingestion by an appropriate snail, the egg hatches in a miracidium.

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Dengue Virus Infection – [Pathology Poster]


Clinical presentation:

Clinically, symptoms start 6 days after infection as malaise and headache, followed by sudden onset of fever, intense backache and generalized pains, mainly in the orbital and periarticular areas. After an afebrile interval of 24 to 48 hours, there is recurrence of fever for a day or two (‘saddleback fever’).  There may be skin rash and lymphadenopathy.

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